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September 9, 2010
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Exorcism by CodemanSaschaS Exorcism by CodemanSaschaS
this ship was made to extend the imperal fleet.
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First off all i have to thank you all about the meaning of my work, because just when other eve players think it is that good that they belive it has to be exported and copied from inside the game, than i know it must be very very good.
To verify that it is my work and not a poor try of reverse engeneering any model out of eve client i can provide a full history of the models from the cube that it was when it first came to live untill the final model, which i will surely handle out to ccp to aprove that this model is 100% made by me.

About the thought that i did not had any new idea, well it was the idea to use a design that have a look as it would fit directly to other existing ships but with the upcomming next patch where PI and Dust may will be brought together i thought of a ship that with extra rocket boosters and some additional wings would be able to act in this scenario also with a shorter length and and so not so heavy hull to make it more agile aswell as it would be able to be used as starship in space.

Anyway it is not my job nor my interrest to praise my work, may we just wait untill the jurors have made their choice, let the best work win.
"Anyway it is not my job nor my interrest to praise my work, may we just wait untill the jurors have made their choice, let the best work win."

yes indeed. It won't be yours, though.
Helge129 Sep 14, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So you basically copycatted the Apoc, and added some new stuff to it?
This actually screams "I used TriExporter, took the Apoc model, and threw some extra crap on it from the Abaddon and other ships"
this just screams, i couldn't come up with my own idea
This contest is so un-Evelike. First all entrants should have to prove they actually can create interesting and original ideas. THEN we (the players who will end up having to look at the contest winning entry) should beat all the entrants, with bad language and constant harassment and poo flinging. Only those who first qualify, and then persevere under such conditions, should be allowed to actually post anything here.

Welcome to Eve.

Joking aside (no really, I was kidding), in critique of the work displayed here - You've copied the general layout of an existing ship, but stuck on some extra geometry and bulbed out already existing portions of the ship. Furthermore, the bits you've stuck on don't even work within the general aesthetic of amarrian starship designs - they tend to long and lean, not bulbous and with extra bits stuck on.

New ships do not generally copy the layout of existing ships (excluding the 'elite' variants like Tech2 and pirate-faction copies). Thus and therefore your design doesn't really work.

Also your design lacks detail, and you seem to be really addicted to beveling. But really its the lack of originality that kills it.
looks like an apoc, maelstorm, and some fighter mixed
Entries must depict a starship suitable for integration into EVE Online BUT
Examples are provided for inspiration only. Entrant may not use the Examples in their work.
If you talk about the ship "apocalypse" on the bottom of the image, it is added to show size in relation to an already existing ingame ship, the model of the exorcism is inspired by this ship but the apocalypse is not part of my work like decribed on the image, also like the Eifel tower and the statue of Liberty isenīt part of mine and nor of ccp work also if me and ccp uses them in the existing and provided examples. :)
you're fooling nobody, mate. That's an apoc that you imported into 3D Studio Max, added some stuff and then added a turbosmooth to the stack.

if you didn't, then you spent a lot of time and effort on very carefully replicating most of the apocalypse's essential features.
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